High-quality, low-energy housing



Recently completed garden extension

We are committed believers in high-quality and low energy-use housing which offer enhanced comfort levels and quality of life with greatly reduced running costs for the lifetime of the building. A win-win scenario.

We have spent years researching and refining our techniques and identifying the best methods and materials needed to deliver cost-effective project outcomes for the client. We use the Passive House standard as our touchstone ensuring we are working from a solid base specification to achieve specific project goals.

Although our speciality is for timber-framed building, we are experienced with most construction types. We firmly believe in being open-minded and are always keen to learn new methods and technologies while striving to offer simple, efficient, robust and cost-effective solutions. Building is, after all, a problem-solving enterprise.

We are as passionate about building design as we are about comfortable low-energy homes – indeed believe they go hand in hand. An understanding, and appreciation, of the importance of detail is at the core of what we do. A successful project, comes from solid teamwork, and sharing our design and build experience with clients and all parties involved is paramount in achieving the best sustainable outcome.